We are here to deliver value and serve our customers, employee’s and stakeholders. We stand for reliability, safety, raving fan customers experiences and world-class technologies.

What puts the hop in “Skyhop Global” is that we are passionate and driven. All with a laser focus and commitment to doing what ever it takes to add value to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

We got here though acquisitions of smaller companies and will continue to grow as a technology driven company that provides ground transportation and other related services.

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As a dynamic and experienced senior executive, Kristine has successfully transformed SkyHop. Her strategic insight, management and execution abilities has attracted a talented team of world class professionals to SkyHop Global. A driven, strategic and cultural-change leader, Kristine has over 25 years experience in sales and marketing. Kristine infuses a maniacal focus on the customer, both internal and external into all elements the SkyHop Global business. She is passionate for developing corporate cultures that provide employees, customers and stakeholders with a sense of fulfillment and joy.



We are focused on delivering the most useful technology in the industry. Our management team has developed programs and products for Fortune 100 companies and world reknowned brands. Developing the essence of the SkyHop Global experience - reliability and safety – and delivering that essence through technology and each service experience, is the goal of our management. Every day we have the opportunity to delight a customer, stakeholder, and employee. We look at each opportunity and try to bring each the SkyHop Global essence.


We deliver a world class experience every day with an operational team focused on the details. Responsive, reliable, and concerned are all compliments we hear again and again from our customers. With a 24/7 finger on the detail of balancing national schedules, our team takes pride in getting it right. We are always listening to our customers and taking their suggestions to improve our delivery systems. It’s why Skyhop Global is the preferred ground transport service in the airline industry.


Yep. These are the people who really prove day by day that SkyHop Global is a world class company. They care about our customers and their concerns in a very real way. They take incredible pride in being on time and at the place they are needed. Our uniformed Fleet Staff drive 2014 vehicles that fit the crews and their luggage comfortably. These men and women are experienced drivers who believe in delivering each crew safely and on time to their destination. Yep, they’re world class.

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