Three SkyHop Vans

Our Fleet

New Vans, Free Wifi

We turn our vehicles every 24 months. Our fleet is 100% smokefree and are equipped for safety and comfort. Our SkyHop Global drivers are fully licensed in the state the pickup occurs. Our vehicles are fully insured with a USD $5,000,000 Combined Single Limit for each occurrence covering all liability.

Ford Transit

SkyHop Ford Transit Van

Safety is Service

Safety Cards
SkyHop Safety Card

All of our employees wear a safety card on their lanyards to constantly remind them of our safety pledge.

Safety Awards
SkyHop Safety Award

Every quarter we review each one of our driver’s safety behaviors and reward those who stand above the rest. If you see a driver with a green safety award pin, thank them for being an extra safe driver!

3rd Party Monitoring

Using 3rd party monitoring systems, we are constantly monitoring all our vans. Our focus on safety and service is backed by the way we monitor each trip. From harsh driving or speeding, MOR's to consumer tracking of our drivers, we care that crews are safe. We have alerts and video for any unsafe driving instances.

Vehicle Safety Checks
Safety Check

All SkyHop Global vans are safety checked before and after every shift by our drivers. They are carefully assessed and maintained weekly for safety by each station manager.

100% Buckled Up
Buckle Up

We care about our airline crew members and our employees. Our policy is 100% buckled up and will not move our vehicles until all passengers are wearing their seat belt.

Safety Cameras
Safety Cameras

We have added forward facing, driver facing, event driven with live feed video in our vans to improve fleet-wide safety.